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Are you a Small Business Owner or Manager?

Are you committing more and more of your valuable time to maintaining your network of computers, printers, disks and other peripherals? Are you managing your company’s IT (Information Technology) personally or with the help of one or more of your senior management people? Is IT becoming more and more demanding of your time and resources?

Do you find yourself chasing IT development and changes, not gaining an inch on the culprIT? As a consequence, are you losing focus on growing your business and taking it to the next level? Do you find yourself working IN your business when you should be working ON your business?

Is your business on hold while you wrestle all of IT? Are you holding back on introducing new products and services? Do you feel your quarterly sales and earnings are precarious or slipping? Do you feel depleted of energy and enthusiasm because IT is not in your comfort zone, the zone you were in when you first started your enterprise?

Have you considered adding a staff member whose entire scope of responsibility is IT, only to hesitate after considering costs and impact on the P/L? Unsure of the qualifications, experience and salary range to consider?

Do you want to substantially reduce the chaos? You already have an independent accountant to manage your financial requirements. You already have an independent attorney to manage your legal requirements. Why not take the first steps to engaging an independent IT consultant to manage your computer, networking and information processing requirements.

Imagine doing more of what you do best; working ON your business, growing sales, profit, product line and customers. Relieved of the tedious, nitty-gritty problems and changes demanded by your IT infrastructure, you can devote more time, energy and effort to the things you originally imagined were part of the enterprise.

BBSYS can help you get back there. Just like your independent attorney looks after all the legal issues in and around your business; and your independent accountant insures you are in step with all the taxing authorities, and your financial reports accurately reflect your business health; your independent IT consultant can insure your systems are functioning correctly and efficiently, and are able to grow in step with your business.

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