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We are a VAR (Value-Added-Reseller) and business consulting business, small by design to match clients.


Robert (though he often goes by Bob) boasts dual expertise in both business and technical IT. He’s able to assist businesses of many sizes with hardware and software while also possessing the know-how and experience to understand and counsel small businesses on their organization, systems and procedures.

A little bit of background for those who don’t know Bob, he Robert (Bob) entered Columbia College with the intention of majoring in Physics. In his senior year, almost on a whim, he took a programming course at the College, taught by IBM personnel. Apparently, that was all it took. He and two of his closest friends took on a for-profit programming contract during his senior year and “the rest is history”. Along the way, he took a significant number of graduateBob has also taken graduate courses in the MBA program at Case Western Reserve University.

After a number of years in the corporate world, moving up the technical and managerial ladder in the corporate world, with increasing politics and decreasing productivity, Bob he decided to branch out on his own., He openeding a VAR (Value-Added-Reseller) and business consulting business, small by design to match his clients., that His purpose was to serve the segment of the SMB market represented by the <$10M sales category. Bob has spent a significant portion of his time evaluating IT vendors, products and services on a cost/benefit/stability basis and has, by trial and error in his own business first, selected what he believes are the offerings he feels comfortable assembling into proposals for his clients. He has developed a concierge-style, client-first approach to doing business, some of his clients with him for over 20 years.


Disaster Prevention and Data Recovery
Network Administration and Monitoring
Business Consulting

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Voice-over-IP Phone systems

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Remote Support & Monitoring

Remote Support & Monitoring gives BBSYS the flexibility to troubleshoot clients’ network issues before they impact the client. With this technology we can track the health of a server, respond to important alerts, and have live end-user support sessions, even in complex networks.

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Boss Backup Services

BOSS can provide the industry’s best online backup solution for home users and businesses.

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Robert (Bob) Pagnini
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Kippie Kozel
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